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When You Have No Loot to Spend on Your Lover - Best Valentine's Day Ever

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When you’re flush with cash, Valentines is a cinch – just buy some trinket, or expensive food, or flowers, pay a fortune to have it delivered on the right day, and, done!

But when there’s no money left over in your spending plan for trinkets, expensive food or flowers, it’s tempting to become a Valentines Grinch.   “Bah, humbug, it’s too commercial, they know I love them, what’s so special about Feb 14, everything’s five times the price on that day, I’m not buying anything, I’m ignoring the whole thing!!”

I can get on board with not spending money on Valentine’s Day.  But I figure, why miss the chance to simply tell the ones you love that you love them?  Or you could really get creative, and show your love without spending huge amounts of money.

Because although trinkets and flowers are lovely, what we really hunger for is connection, to know that we are seen, cherished, loved.  Trinkets and flowers and meals out can communicate exactly that.  But they’re not the only things.

Here is a list of things which also communicate love.  They all cost very little money. Some take a little time and energy, and some take no more effort than a quick smooch.

  • Flirting doesn’t require funds.  Try for inspiration on short texts or love notes.
  • Buy or make one of your beloved’s favourite foods or drinks and make the time to share it with them – maybe bring your own favourite as well.
  • Artistic types could try sketching their sweetheart.
  • Re-create one of your first dates (ahem - not the one where you flew to Paris for dinner.  One of the cheap ones, like re-watching a movie you saw together in the early days.)
  • Write them a letter about what struck you about them when you first met, or when you first realised you were falling in love.
  • Write an appreciation list – all the big and little things they do that you really appreciate.  Keep adding to it verbally throughout the year.
  • Make a date to watch a sunrise (or night owls may do better with a sunset).
  • A simple evening picnic somewhere scenic, preferably with stargazing and without mosquitos.
  • If your significant other is overwhelmed at present, acknowledge that, and take a task off their plate.

Valentine’s Day is over-commercialised, but you don’t have to go down that road.   You can make it meaningful without money, and give your loved ones just a little more joy in their lives.

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